Submitted by Angel on Thu, 22/10/2020 - 18:34

Angel, Feb. 1st 2020

I have a bad feeling about this. The news about the virus makes me nervous. What if it spreads? What if it will cause a global pandemic?
My trip to Greece didn’t exactly go as planned. I hoped to disprove Atlantis, but this object, this eye…
I still don’t think Atlantis was actually real, but there was something there. I found some kind of crystal. An eye of sorts.
This thing looks like nothing I’ve ever seen! The core looks like a crystal, but there’s something strange going on. In the light it’s translucent purple, but in the dark it glows ever so slightly. A soft blue light that seems to have some sort of image in it.
And then there are the rings. Two gold colored concentric rings that surround it. They don’t touch! They don’t touch each other, or the crystal! It feels like they’re held in place by magnets, but there’s no measurable magnetic field. I tried to take one of the rings off, but I can only slightly move the parts, and they softly spring back when I let them go.
It matches something I’ve seen in a dream, but that can’t be. Can it?
There are still some places I need to visit to be sure. But this virus… I hope it doesn’t cause problems.